AJ @ Metal Fatigue Piercing Studio
I have been in and around the piercing industry now for over 20 years, I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship with Sarge of Metal Fatigue in Bournemouth.

I served what compared to today’s standards as a lengthy apprenticeship. After about 18 months considered myself a body piercer and it wasn’t until we moved premises and applied for my registration certificate to pierce by the local council did I consider myself Professional. I learnt a great deal working with Sarge not just about working with skin and needles but human anatomy and behaviour.
I pride myself in my ability to read the situation I’m working in whether it be a first time nervous newbie or a seasoned veteran. Working swiftly, efficiently and confident with my needles.

I would like to think I have kept up with evolving techniques and practices so far and hope to keep my game up by staying professional and true to my apprenticeship by keeping good ethos and ethics in the way I pierce and advise..

Bournemouth Body Piercing Clinic