Welcome to Metal Fatigue, Dorset’s only dedicated Body Piercing Clinic.


The ever growing variety of piercing styles available is constantly updated at Metal Fatigue Piercing Studio, Bournemouth’s number one body piercing clinic. Metal Fatigue’s professional piercers have over 50 years of experience combined, as well as highly honoured reputation within the UK and the international piercing and live performance communities.

Metal Fatigue Piercing Studio offers state of the art hospital sterilization techniques, this ensures the highest level of hygiene and peace of mind and guarantees a safe and satisfied customer.

Our team present each customer with a professional and caring service and consistently meet the highest possible standards set by BCP Council and the Global Body Modification community.

Here at Metal Fatigue, we pride ourselves on our aftercare advice and are always on hand to answer and deal with any piercing queries, even if your piercing was done elsewhere.

Please be aware that our restriction for each piercing may differ from other studios, so please double check our age restriction for each piercing BEFORE booking.

Metal Fatigue Piercing Studio

We are piercing by appointment only
Our Opening hours are 11 – 2:30, then 3 – 5pm. Monday – Saturday

All aged 16 and over must show a valid form of photo ID (Passport, Driving License, Citizen Card).

All under 16’s must be accompanied by their parent/guardian (not siblings or relatives) when at the piercing clinic.

Please remember to check the age restrictions, displayed next to the piercing name,  and notes before booking.

Please Note!
Slots are booked in 10 minute intervals per person. If you are unable to find a suitable slot for multiple piercings, please go ahead and book 1 piercing and contact us on 01202315315 for the additional piercings.

If you can’t see the piercing you would like please contact us to discuss options.


Bournemouth Body Piercing Clinic