Piercing Age Restrictions

For a safe and enjoyable piercing experience, please be aware of our age restrictions. If you're 16 or older, bring a valid photo ID. If you're under 16, a parent or guardian must accompany you. Check the age restrictions next to the piercing name before booking. Need more info?

  • Lobes 11+ 
  • Helix 13+ 
  • Standard Nostril, navel 14+ 
  • Venom (paired tongue) 18+ 
  • All other face and ear piercings 16+ 
  • Surface piercings (Including Horizontal Navel) 16+ 
  • Microdermal, nipples 18+ 
  • Intimate piercings 21+ 

At Metal Fatigue Piercing Studio, we prioritize safety and adhere to age restrictions for each piercing procedure. For individuals aged 16 and over, a valid form of photo ID such as a Passport, Driving License, or Citizen Card is required. For those under 16, it's mandatory to have a parent or guardian present during the piercing session (not siblings or relatives). We emphasize the importance of checking the age restrictions displayed next to the piercing name when booking an appointment, and reviewing any additional notes before scheduling the appointment. This ensures a smooth and compliant experience for all clients at our piercing clinic.

Stylish Piercings, Safety Assured at Metal Fatigue.

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