Before Your Piercing

  • The day before your piercing:

    Try to get a decent night’s sleep, eat well and try not to drink too much alcohol. Being hungover whilst having a piercing is not a good feeling.

    It is a good idea if you require genital or unusual work, to call in and arrange an appointment as we will need to judge the suitability of your anatomy for the piercing beforehand.

  • On the day:

    Before your piercing eat as well as possible, particularly if you are having a tongue piercing, as it may be uncomfortable to eat afterwards. Eating properly before your piercing ensures your blood sugar level is at its best and therefore minimises any risk of fainting.

    If you are aged 16-18, it is necessary to bring with you some identification, this can be in the form of:

    • A valid student card stating your date of birth
    • Driving license (provisional ok)
    • Citizen card
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate

    *Please note that we are within our right to refuse a piercing if we do not see required ID

  • Under 16?

    If you are under 16 and wish to be pierced, please come accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN. An older sister or brother is not acceptable UNLESS they have proof that they are your LEGAL guardian

  • Payment:

    We accept cash only. There are cash machines close to the studio if you require. You may ring beforehand to check the price of the piercing or check our price list.

Bournemouth Body Piercing Clinic